What I do and don’t write…

Writer friend Milo James Fowler tagged me on a post about three things I write and three things I don’t write.  You can read his really good responses HERE and Simon Kewin’s HERE.

While the following is list of things I don’t (and do) write, one thing I do know about writing, for me, is to never set boundaries, so this list may be apt to change in the future, because the writer me six years ago would have laughed at the writer me now writing horror poetry. Who knows, in the next six years, I may give EL James a run for her money!

What I don’t write:

1) Romance – I physically express my visceral disgust at the mention of the genre by fake gagging. I don’t even want to touch one of those books in fear that some twisted aspect of it might seep into my muse and ruin him. If there is a hint of it in my work, mainly my mystery novels, what little part is there is only to prove to readers that I am a real person with a beating heart. That said, I did once write an erotic flash fiction that was received well (note it was published in a mag called Sex and Murder, so not your typical romance or hey, maybe it is), but haven’t ventured there since.

2) Non-fiction (with the exception of reviews) – I wrote plenty of reports, essays, and manuals in college and at past jobs.  Now I’m writing what I want, but this could be one of those topics that might revert in the future.

3) Steampunk – it’s sort of a foreign genre to me that I have not yet delved into writing, but not because I don’t enjoy it.

What I do write:

1) Dark fiction – this encompasses the majority of my writing, whether its bizarre, horror, fantasy, etc.  Most of my writing, regardless of genre, has a dark slant to it somewhere, because I’m sure it’s how I view the world.

2) Mystery – I think this could also encompass much of my work, but my Kate Waters Mystery novels are probably more mystery than dark fiction. I also think mystery is underrated – it’s not just about sleuths figuring shit out.  Anything that has to do with the ‘unknown’ I think is mysterious.

3) Bizzaro – I don’t really know how to classify this genre, but I tend to write about things that don’t really fit into any other category.  My latest is about a group of misfits at a psych ward who actually do have special powers, and one of them can draw (not on paper) things into reality… or erase them – it’s going through the usual ‘I liked this story, but it’s just not a good fit for us’ rejection rounds.

Other writers who I think would have good lists to share (if they so choose to, via FB, Blog, Twitter, Tumblr and who are more than welcome to tell me to stuff it) are Lily Childs, Sean Monaghan, and Angel Zapata.

8 thoughts on “What I do and don’t write…”

  1. Yes, and there is Dieselpunk too, Kevin. As long as the romance has a strong dark bent to it (aka blood and bullets), I’ll run with it. Thanks for the compliment – always much appreciated!


  2. Excellent list although I had to Google “Steampunk” because that’s way beyond my realm of comprehension. Love your dark fiction….one of the best.

    Don’t be so quick to give up on romance though….maybe you can try writing romance with a serrated edge (nothing like some blood, body parts, etc to make that category a lot more interesting).


  3. Those rejections sound all too familiar. Grrrr… I like writing what I want, too — the main reason I won’t be pursuing a master’s degree in education. Grading hundreds of essays every school year is enough work. You know I’m a fan of your dark, mysterious, bizarre fiction.


  4. Yeah, I like how romance is at the top of everyone’s list. I love bizarro – I think it’s more popular than people realize. It can be subtle too.


  5. Great list – not a million miles from my own! Bizarro sounds cool – it’s just possible I’ve been writing some of that without knowing it…


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