The bigger picture

Shimmer, NewMyths, Allegory, Flash Fiction Online, Electric Spec, Lovecraft eZine, Black Treacle, Silverthought, Bete Noire, Cemetery Moon, Wily Writers, Abyss & Apex, and Stupefying Stories … all pretty cool magazines, don’t you think? So what do they have in common?  They have all shortlisted my stories for publication with comments like, ‘this almost made the cut,’ and ‘I really wanted to publish this, but in the end, it just wasn’t quite right,’ and ‘while we are not accepting your story at this time, your writing is what we like to see, so feel free to submit more in the future,’ etc.  These rejections were a bummer, but certainly not disappointing. Like it or not, positive rejections are a writer’s pat on the back.

It’s difficult to take in the whole picture when it comes to the writing progress; with so many submissions and rejections, it can feel like a lost world at times.  I keep track of my submission history in a database, and it’s nice to be able to filter work by date, market, story, rejections/acceptances, and recently, never done before, by feedback – which is what happened above.  I hadn’t realized how close I am to getting into all my favorite publications.  Even though acceptances still feel like nothing short of a miracle, I’m almost always shortlisted now days, and that says something–I’m close to reaching one of my goals.

Why not give it a try?  Take a gander through your work from a different angle to see the bigger picture and how close you might actually be in reaching your goals.

4 thoughts on “The bigger picture”

  1. Funny you mention Shimmer – one of my favorites too – and I think your work is worthy of it. Currently, I’m awaiting another rejection. I’ve been shortlisted for too long now at a certain publication, and I know it’s because they’re in the middle of writing a rejection letter. Anyways, that’s what I tell myself so that I can prepare it for the next submission : )


  2. I appreciate you posting this, Erin. I just received (ANOTHER) reject again today. It’s easy to get down and frustrated reject after reject, so it’s nice to be reminded to stop and consider the improvements we are making, such as getting shortlisted at pro and semi-pro magazines. Really in truly that is fantastic progress (that never comes quickly enough.) I will have to say it would be so awesome to see your work at Shimmer, they are my favorite speculative magazine.


  3. Ah, yes, I have rejections from quite a few of those, too! But also some acceptances. It’s a fine line, sometimes. A story that gets a “good” rejection is surely going to find the right home sooner or later…


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