New micro fiction and other news…

I’ve gotta a super short up at Nailpolish Stories, “Dangerous (red).” It’s 25 words, might take you 25 seconds to read.  A minute if you cruise through some other good ones by Cooley, Kodial, Martinson, and others.

A few other tidbits…

In celebration of their 5th year, Luna Station Quarterly is restructuring their website and asks authors to have a peek and update their profiles.  And, it never hurts to submit your well-written work of fiction while you’re there.

Niteblade Fantasy and Horror Magazine’s 2014 Fundraiser announced this week that they reached their goal of $500 for the year ($510.00), which goes to help pay authors, artists, and web hosts.  Thanks to those who donated, Niteblade will run for its 8th year! Look for my story, “A Means for the Journey,” this coming June.

Also, if you missed out on Chris Allinotte’s Days of Madness 4, you can still read all the stories for free in eBook format.  Download at Smashwords: Days of Madness 4.  It includes my story, “The Other Side of Lucy-Lou,” and other great works by Angel Zapata, Chris Allinotte, Mav Skye, Richard Godwin, Absolutely*Kate, and more.

On earthquakes…

Bummed to have not felt the 3.3 earthquake in Sherwood yesterday, but pretty sure I won’t miss out the looming 9.0. Better double check my apocalyptic emergency kit, which will include things like Snickers, horror mags, ritual candles, and a slingshot with a bag of lug nuts for those pesky villains.  What about you? Are you ready for the big one?

8 thoughts on “New micro fiction and other news…”

  1. Yes, Lucy-Lou. She’s actually an old Halloween picture we still have hanging on our wall, you know the kind that look normal until you walk by it, and then the face changes. Her second face is quite hideous.


  2. And a fine 25 words they are – I can’t decide if it’s chilling or funny. Perhaps it’s both.


  3. Congratulations on the publications, Erin. And thanks for the updates. I must update my Luna Station Quarterly Profile. And I must say I love the concept of Nailpolish stories. I enjoyed Dangerous (red) very much.


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