“The Other Side of Lucy-Lou,” @ DOM 4

Lucy-Lou has a secret to share with you…

I have a story up today at Chris Allinotte’s Days of Madness 4, “The Other Side of Lucy-Lou.”  It is accompanied with a professional drawing by Niall Parkinson.

Take a look throughout the week, there will be some more fantastic stories coming your way.  Here’s the full ToC below:

Day  1:  The Arrow Appears Ahead of the Hunter, by Angel Zapata
Day  2:  The Other Side of Lucy-Lou, by Erin Cole
Day  3:  Honey Trapp, by Absolutely*Kate
Day  4:  Perfectly Indifferent, by Benjamin Sobieck
Day  5:  Lifting the Veil, by Park Cooper and Barb Lien
Day  6:  The Talking Hand, by William Davoll
Day  7:  Five Hundred and Twenty-six Sugar Pills, by Mav Skye
Day  8:  The Embalmer, by R.S. Bohn
Day  9:  Feet, by Chris Allinotte
Day 10: Cupboard Full of Knives, by Richard Godwin

Thanks for another great event, Chris!

3 thoughts on ““The Other Side of Lucy-Lou,” @ DOM 4”

  1. I love that you saw it that way, Paul.
    I think mothers have a whole other version of creepy, and as I was writing this, I thought it was pretty creepy how the mother decided to keep the actions of her daughter a secret, even going so far as to lie to her husband in order to keep Lucy-Lou. What all is she willing to do for Lucy-Lou? I loved that conflict and tension.
    Thanks for reading and commenting.


  2. Erin,

    While I loved the entire piece (in fact I was a tad disappointed that it ended), I think you summed up Mother’s at-any-cost approach to having a child. She knew the dangers, she knew what could happen, yet she was happy to sacrifice others for her own happiness. That’s creepy!!



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