Out of Hibernation…

I took a bit of time off from writing and blogging recently to manage all the holiday craziness (which I swear every year I’m going to cut back on, but it follows me like a starved kitten and so of course I feed it), and when all that was said and done and cooked and cleaned and organized and cleaned again, Mr. and Mrs. Norovirus came to pay their respects at our house. Needless to say, I was pretty much forced to keep my detox New Year’s resolution. Moreover, I’m still at it as me and my new juicer are becoming well acquainted.  There’s nothing like a tall glass of fresh vegetable juice to accompany my smoke in the morning. Ha!, No, actually, I recommend you add more vegetables to your diet this year.  Your writing brain and body will thank you.

On writing, the 400+ page novel, Wicked Tempest, is proving herself a beast, but this time, I’m really close to sending it off for final, professional edits. I’ve started two short stories, finished one, and am getting excited about working on a new novel and novella this year. Though my schedule has changed a bit and put a dent in my writing time, I’m still hopeful that I’ll be able to kick out close to my usual production because last year, I slacked more than I care to admit.

On submissions, I finally broke my rejection streak with three acceptances in a row, yes! My sci-fi story, “Jen-6,” will be reprinted in The Best of Write1Sub1, Volume One, edited by Stephanie Lorée. There will be some outstanding authors in this anthology showcasing their Write1Sub1 successes, so I’m very happy to be a part of that. I’m also happy to report “In the Deep of a Wild Blue,” my speculative fiction story about a troubled ocean ghost girl, will be published in the July issue of Bards & Sages Quarterly, and my other speculative fiction short story, “A Means for the Journey,” sort of a spin on the Tarot, will be published in a future issue of Niteblade Fantasy and Horror Magazine, way cool.

FFFOn pimping, two writer friends have some great stuff coming out soon. First, Lily Childs is compiling her February Femmes Fatales stories into an anthology, and there is an amazing group of women included in this, for which I’m fortunate to be a part of. For more information on it’s release, visit the February Femmes Fatales Facebook page or Lily’s website.


dom4To top it all off with more good darkness, Chris Allinotte’s Days of Madness, DOM 4, is now open for submissions!  I’ve been lucky to be in two years of Madness and have met some great writers along the way.  Here’s a short guideline, but go to his website for the full details.

What I am looking for:

Original stories, 1,000-1,500 words in length. (Stories that have seen limited publication may be okay, let me know in the submission – but if a decision comes down to one story or another making it, the original story will get it.

Theme: Hidden Horrors. While the overall theme of “Days of Madness” is, and always will be, psychological horror stories, this year, I’m looking for secrets and mysteries.

And that’s all I’ve got for now. I plan to blog a little more in the future so I don’t bombard you with a ten minute post, but thanks for stopping in, and cheers to the New Year.

4 thoughts on “Out of Hibernation…”

  1. Thanks for the plug, Erin! Looking forward to reading your work!
    Also – very excited for the return of Lily’s event (as well as seeing what horrors march through the Madness door this time around. :) )


  2. Sounds like your holiday was jam-packed with fun and not-so-much fun! Best of luck with your submissions. Stay safe and healthy this New Year.


  3. Yay, Erin! I’m so happy about your three acceptances in a row. Very good news indeed. Thanks for the heads up about the Days of Madness anthology–I think I might have a story to submit. Keep writing and juicing in 2014. ;)


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