October Orchid Award and contest winners…

October OrchidIt’s the end of another month over at Write1Sub1 and we’re celebrating October Orchid Awards.  If you’ve written a story every week, this month, or anything between, and subbed a story every week, this month or anything between, head on over and tell us about it.

This month I wrote two stories, one at 5k, the other at 1K, subbed 6 stories, received 5 rejections, no acceptances, and no publications. Ugh.  Moving on, moving on.

front2bcover2bof2bthe2bnight2b9-12-11Now to the good stuff.  The two winning folks of my Of the Night Creepy Freebies goes to James Garcia Jr. and Milo James Fowler.  Congratulations!  You’ll each receive a signed copy of my book, “Of the Night,” and an issue of Cemetery Dance.  Thanks for your support.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!

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