Creepy Freebies in October…

CreepyFreebies - badgeThis October join in the fun with Creepy Freebies, win prizes, and meet new authors.  

Last year, Milo James Fowler hosted Creepy Freebies on his blog, giving away prizes each week.  This year, I have the pleasure to join him, along with Deborah Walker, Jeff Chapman, Rhonda Parrish, Stoney Setzer, Simon Kewin, Roland Yeomans, Christine Rains, Ellie Garratt, Jeff Chapman, James Garcia, Jr., Bob Eccles, Aaron Polson, Cate Gardner, Anthony J. Rapino, and Michelle Ann King.  That’s a lot of Creepy Freebies.

After Dusk 5-28-13For the week of September 29th through the October 4th, you have a chance to win an eBook of my latest collection, “After Dusk.”  Simply share this post or my Facebook post on Creepy Freebies or blog about the event on your own blog by 6pm on Friday, October 4th, and I will enter your name into the drawing (paste the link in the comments section here if you blog about it).  The winner will be announced at 7pm on Friday, October 4th.

Now, for the entire month of October, I’m holding another contest.  Details are here: Creepy Freebie “Of the Night” Giveaway.  Everyone who enters will be put into a drawing to win a free signed copy of my horror collection, “Of the Night.”

To stay tuned into all the Creepy Freebies, contests, and giveaways, check out Milo James Fowler’s website, and while you’re at, give his cool event a share too.

Happy October!

7 thoughts on “Creepy Freebies in October…”

  1. Very cool! I want in as well. I just shared on Facebook and Twitter, and will continue to do RT’s throughout the day. I’ll probably post something this evening on my blog when I get home from work. I do have the banner up there already.



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