All Due Respect, the Anthology

All Due Respect All Due Respect, the Anthology, edited by Chris Rhatigan

Chris Rhatigan is the editor of the cool crime eZine, All Due Respect. If you haven’t run across it, I recommend cruising through some of the big name crime writers published there.  You won’t be disappointed.

Better yet, buy the All Due Respect Anthology, best of two years, published by Full Dark City Press. I’m thrilled to have my story, “7 Seconds,” included, a fast-paced horror thriller about how one woman’s life changes forever in only 7 seconds when an ex-coworker storms back into the office with more than a grudge.

These reads aren’t for the faint at heart, thank heavens, nor do they strictly adhere to one particular genre – you’ll find horror, crime, noir, mystery, and the classic thrilling fly-by-seat works of some of the best genre writers today.

eBooks are below, only $0.99, and print shortly to follow.  It’s a steal.  Cheers to all my TOC comrades and a super thanks to Chris.

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