Writing in 2013

W1S1 2013 Monthly.220by1392012 is over!! No, I’m not excited about that at all. It was a year that involved lots of change and challenges, but I know my writing has benefited, and I’m looking forward to what 2013 will bring.

Last year, I tackled the Write1Sub1 Ray Bradbury Weekly challenge and barely scraped myself beneath the closing gate. Of the 56 stories I wrote, 19 were accepted and published, despite the 85 rejections. I’m on board for W1S1 2013, literally, as a proud administrator, and really look forward to working with some exceptionally supportive and talented writers.

Interested at all? Check out the website here: Write1Sub1. There is both a weekly and a monthly challenge. If it’s not a good fit at this point in time, you can still find many resources and valuable information on writing, so I encourage you to follow or stop by every now and then.

Along with my monthly W1S1 challenge, I will also be returning to a few unfinished novels/novellas.  Wicked Tempest, the sequel to Grave Echoes is 85% complete, and I plan on nudging that one from the nest sometime this summer.  Also, my werewolf novella is finished and in final edits.  I also hope to have that one ready soon too.  At the end of 2012, I started a little chapbook called, Little Drowned Stones, full of 20-30 short flashes of slipstream reflections, with 13 drafted so far.  That’ll be another little side dish on the back burner.

That said, I’ve much work to do, so thanks to everyone who’s supported me through the year, my best wishes for all your upcoming endeavors, and HELLO 2013!

8 thoughts on “Writing in 2013”

  1. I’m in the finishing stretch on a novel. 2013 feels like an extension of all the trials and exercises of 2012 so far, but I’m sure it’ll get its own identity soon.

    Good luck, Erin!


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