eFantasy Magazine, November 2012

The November issue of eFantasy is out. It includes my story, “For Extraordinary Reasons,” a short fantasy about a mother priming her daughter for the coming of extraterrestrials. Here’s an excerpt:

“The flames of the hearth flickered and Leanne saw Raina. She stood in the yard naked with a clean-shaven head. Her skin radiated luminous white beneath the amber plumes of fire clawing up the pines. The birds had since flown away. They saw the future differently too.

The outsiders descended on them, sickly, misshapen figures that could drop one to their knees in a silent, quick death. When they saw Raina, they paused, eyes aglow as they approached her with caution.” 

eFiction has several genre categories. Check out their submissions guidelines or shop for great fiction.

6 thoughts on “eFantasy Magazine, November 2012”

  1. Great stuff, Erin, a delicious excerpt. I’ll go check it out. Thanks for the tip on the magazine, too – hadn’t come across them.


  2. Hey, loving the fantasy prose. Congrats, Erin. That’s a slick cover too. Past couple of months, I’ve spent some time at the eFiction site and they have a lot going on.

    P.S. I have a poem coming out in the next issue of eSteampunk. ;)


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