“The Wall of Never Doubt,” in Aoife’s Kiss

A few years ago, swelling in Meghan’s brain almost took her life. She died on the operating table for two whole minutes. One thing she had never told anyone was that, sometimes, when you come back from the dead, you don’t come back alone.

– “The Wall of Never Doubt,” by Erin Cole

One of my favorite stories is finally seeing print! “The Wall of Never Doubt,” hits the pages of Aoife’s Kiss this June. I wrote this story back in March of 2011. The story went through several drafts before its final completion. I sent it out to a few paying markets, had really good feedback, worked the story some more, sent it back out, had more good feedback, etc.  It was one of those stories that made me a better writer by challenging my voice and ability to plot good story/character development. A bit of time travel increased the complexity of the piece, but I think I managed to tie it altogether into a satisfying conclusion.

In May, I decided to throw it in the Writer’s Digest 80th Annual Writing Competition, with no expectations, just because.  It ended up placing 10th in the genre short story category, the second biggest category in the competition, which barely landed my name in its Nov/Dec Issue in the top ten entries. I’m still loitering on cloud nine.

But … is the story good? Did it deserve to win? Get published? You’ll just have to find out for yourself.

Support small press and purchase a copy today: Aoife’s Kiss bookstore

Super thanks, Tyree!

2 thoughts on ““The Wall of Never Doubt,” in Aoife’s Kiss”

  1. Wow. I love Aofie’s Kiss. And the Writer’s Digest competition is so cool. Sounds like an intriguing story, Erin. Excellent news.


  2. Excellent! Can’t wait to read it. (I have a couple haiku appearing in this issue, so I should be receiving a contributor’s copy.) Writer’s Digest? Definitely keep that on your writing resume!


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