Word Count Chart

So here it is, my excel sheet for total daily word count. I’ve never done anything this elaborate before, mostly guesstimations, but this year, I wanted to tackle my writing with a scholar’s eye.

My goal was to write 2,000 words a day, five days a week, ultimately leading to 40,000 words a month. My writing time is a bigger puzzle, sometimes very late evening, sometimes early morning, sometimes when I think time isn’t even ticking. But with a handy sheet like this, it doesn’t matter.  My word count includes stories from scratch, those first drafts, and edits, because writing is also editing, though I start cutting word count in half, or to the tenth, depending on the number of edits it has already gone through.

(Ex: if a 2,000 word story has been through four drafts, and I’m not changing much to it, I’ll include approximately 200 – 300 word count for that story, but if it is a second draft, and I’ve basically deleted everything I’ve written, I total the word count for story again, hence the slow change in my novel word counts – yes, I’ve probably written 13 novels so far. )


So, if you would like one of these handy charts, let me know: (erincole (at) live (dot) com. I’ll delete my totals, but keep the sum/programming totals for you so they’ll automatically create magic when you type.  This chart has been a big help in analyzing my writing, spotting patterns, etc.  I have good weeks and bad weeks, but they seem to even out.  However, as you can see, my March has started out slow, so I’m going to have to step up!

6 thoughts on “Word Count Chart”

  1. Nicely done. I keep a similar word count chart… except my totals right now are much smaller! Congrats on your productivity and meeting your W1S1 goals.


  2. 2k a week still evens out to 104K for the year; besides, I feel like I’m playing catch up with W1S1 participants.
    I steal every opportunity I can to write, and it’s amazing what I can squeeze in when I do – now if any of it is good, that is another issue : )
    Thanks, Milo!


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