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Preditors and Editors Nomination

This December stole me away from my writing more than I was comfortable with, but with a Preditors and Editors nomination for best short horror story on the web, Still Alive, first published on Chris Allinotte’s Eight Days of Madness, I’m feeling the good affects of a hot-buttered rum. This euphoria will also come in handy come January 1st, the beginning of Write 1 Sub 1, which I will be participating in weekly.

There are some outstanding authors listed this year, and of course, I’m thrilled to be among them. You can vote for your favorite short horror story HERE. If you’d like to read my story, click on the link above or at Preditors and Editors, and jump to page 28.

“The poll opens Dec. 24 this year (through Jan. 10).”

Cheers and thanks to everyone for their support throughout the year!

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