Coffin Hop Winners, Of the Night Contest

Coffin Hop Winners: "Of the Night Contest"

I’m already in the spirit that is the ‘gift of giving’ and I decided to draw from the Halloween bucket twice last night. The winners of my “Of the Night Contest” are John Wiswell and Anthony J Rapino! Congratulations. Both will receive a signed copy of my horror anthology “Of the Night” by Red Skies Press.


I lowered the Kindle price of my anthology to $0.99 for Halloween, and have decided to keep the price at $0.99 for the rest of the year, just in case you do get that Kindle for Christmas.

Cheers! Hope you all had a great Halloween holiday. If you’re in the mood for more thrilling horror, I have a short, fast-pace horror up at Thrillers Killers ‘n’ Chillers, Bloody Truce. Stop by and catch more outstanding authors in TK’n’C’s Hellicious Halloween.

Read all the Coffin Hop Contest Entries:

Snow and Froth, by Chris Allinotte
You Bitch: A Ghost Story, by John Wiswell
Bump in the Night, by Laurita Miller
As the Crow Flies, by Anthony J Rapino
Orange Dot, by Michael J Solender
The Hook, by James Everington
The Fantabulous Funnybone Floatiboats, by Eric J Krause
I Follow Rivers by Anne Michaud
Predator Instinct, by Asuqi
The Woods, by Indigo
Apparition, by Absolutely*Kate

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