Twitter Me This, Twitter Me That

It has taken me awhile to get to this point (I AM ON TWITTER!) but not because I’m indifferent to change, (BECAUSE I AM NOW ON TWITTER) but that there is a lot of ‘overkill’ with media outlets. Do I really need Blogspot, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (WHICH I AM NOW ON), Cell/Home/Office phones, Email, MySpace…it’s all kind of a multitasker’s wet dream. So…here’s for dreaming.

Follow me, for I have some cool updates planned for Halloween!

3 thoughts on “Twitter Me This, Twitter Me That”

  1. Well it's true it steals your life away but there's something about BEING ON TWITTER. I prefer the community and the short bites.I'M NOW FOLLOWING YOU ON TWITTER TOO, and so should everyone else.


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