Mt. Hood Timothy Lake, vacations

Finding Zen

Mt. Hood, Timothy Lake
Photo by William L. Sullivan

I’ll be off the net for a week, finding Zen with family . . . can it be done? Even if I do find it, I’m not sure I’ll recognize it or even want to keep it when I do. As Penelope Trunk put it, “Why would I need a vacation from my life if I like my life?”

Yes, in all its chaos and routines, I do enjoy my existence in this little pocket of Portland. Also, I find that after the vacation is over, I need a vacation from the vacation.

Of course, I’ll still be reading (The Drawing of the Three by S. King, Wolfen by Whitley Strieber, and of course, some kind of juicy trash mag – just for ideas you know) and writing. Hopefully in August, I’ll have finished editing my anthology collection and will have some new stories up, somewhere, for you to read again.

Will catch up with you soon. Happy Trails—

8 thoughts on “Finding Zen”

  1. Enjoy your time off and if you can't find Zen in trashy mags, well then what is this world coming to?! Let me know how Wolfen is — I love the movie but didn't know it was based on a book (bad me!).


  2. Enjoy your time away from routine, even if you do enjoy it. Wish I could kayak in that place. :)Hope you get lots of new ideas from that trashy mag, and share the results.


  3. Well, if you catch that zen and don't want it, toss some my way, huh? BTW- I noticed your 'What's New' column off to the right. You've been so busy! Love the titles and I'm inspired by your accomplishments (aka submitted to editor-yay!). Take care, Erin! xx


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