5x5 Fiction, Issue Two, Virus

5×5 Fiction: Issue Two

Another fantastic issue of 5×5 Fiction: Stories Told Loud and Clear is out and there are some grand pieces. The theme is Secrets, Scuffles, and Surprises and the author spotlight is L. Muñoz with her piece, Confession. It is fabulous. Check it all out here: 5×5 Fiction: Issue Two

My piece, Viral Intelligence Research Undead Systems (VIRUS) can be found on page 5. Thanks, Angel!

5×5 Fiction is now accepting entries year-round. The next cut off for Issue Three is September 1.

6 thoughts on “5×5 Fiction: Issue Two”

  1. I thought I had stopped by here several days ago and left a comment. Sorry about that. You know how much I love your zombies, Erin. This 25 word flash is no exception. Absolutely loved VIRUS!


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