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Holiday Catalog – Promote Your Work

What better gift than someone buying your book? That is why this December, Jodi MacArthur and I will be hosting a holiday catalog for authors to promote, market, and brag about their publications! If you have a story in print – chapbook, anthology, article, novel, novella – and would like to be featured in the catalog, submit the following information to me at erincole[at]live[dot]com by November 28, 2010.

– Picture of your book/chapbook/anthology (if possible)

– Link for purchase (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Publishing Co., etc)

– Short blurb about the publication (100 words or less)

– website address and/or contact information (recommended)

(Because some of you are mad writers and have several pieces published, I ask that you limit your submissions to only two. Also, if your book is coming out soon, this is a great way to promote it (send me what you can)

Starting December 1st, Jodi and I will feature the catalog crammed with talented authors and their work – you should be one of them. It’s free; don’t wait; or the elves will get cranky.


17 thoughts on “Holiday Catalog – Promote Your Work”

  1. Plugging the first of 3 novels of my good friend. She has an agent and contract with a Random House subsidiary… I've got a few more advance copies if you'd like to read and plug her novel… but if not, find her on FB and follow along with the story of one of us who MADE IT! Let's help her out as much as we can! TO PREORDER –


  2. Hi! I'm a new follower *waves* it's nice to meet you!This is such a cute idea! I love this! If I had a book in publication I would have for sure taken you up on this!!!


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