Grave Echoes, Reader Views

Review of Grave Echoes, and other stuff

A little bit of technical difficulties tonight…I’ll blame it on the sprites.

I was excited last week to receive my first professional review (aka – stranger danger) of my novel, Grave Echoes!! Read it here at Amazon. October 25th, I will also be featured at Reader Views.

* * *

Submissions for 13 Days of Horror is over and I’m thrilled about the turnout. Some really good stuff, and I’ll have more trouble trying to pick out all the great ones from the great ones. I could easily make this the 31 Days of Horror…If I had the time.

Thanks to everyone who entered. I’ll be notifying chosen entries sometime…soon. Also, all entries will receive three chances to win a signed copy of my book, and also a feature at Cast Macabre!

9 thoughts on “Review of Grave Echoes, and other stuff”

  1. Erin, Excellent review, and how fulfilling it must be for you! My advice would be to get that book printed in as many formats as possible, including kindle. May it win every award possible! Best, M.C.


  2. LOL! The sprites. Forgot to leave out a bowl of cream for them? ;)That's a great review. Congratulations. And I just put your book on my Amazon wishlist.


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