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The Warehouse @ The New Flesh!

Do you like barbecues? Great, grab your fork and plate and come on over – I have plenty of knives, *wink*. My debut story, The Warehouse, is up now at The New Flesh!. And it’s crazy-ass good. Yeeup.

Many, many thanks to Suzie Bradshaw and William Pauley III. I’m delighted to be at The New Flesh.

Happy July 4th everyone.


6 thoughts on “The Warehouse @ The New Flesh!”

  1. Finally got a chance to sit and read this in one sitting, after several false starts. Unluckily for me, it was at night when everyone else was in bed.


  2. Started reading last night, then saved for AFTER breakfast. Goddess, you are one scary woman. Great stuff. And voice spot-on. Peace…


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