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Results Are In: Chad Redden’s "Give Me Your Quarter" Contest

Stumbling along the web of writers, I come across some interesting folks, with great writes, and fun opportunities. One of them was at Chad Redden’s blog: Box of Rocks, who recently held a contest in celebration of earning his first quarter from Adsense advertising—that means more than 1,000 page impressions in less than a month!

But Mr. Redden says he’s not into the money…and none of us really are, right? So Chad held a brilliant flash/fiction prose contest in which each piece had to include the word quarter in it, and would then donate his first quarter, and $10 Amazon gift certificate, to the writers writing the right stuff. Long story short, I resurrected my piece, Somebody Claim Her , which was chosen, along with Anton Gully’s piece, One Sixteenth.

I’d like to thank Chad Redden for hosting this contest and including us in his celebration.

And to my muse…looks like I’m worth $10.25 chick-a-dee!

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