At the Bijou, Erin Cole, Linda Wastila, the jacket, twins

Inevitable Encounters ~~~ AT THE BIJOU ~~~

Who graces the red carpet of our dearest Madame of Moxie this week? I finally take the stroll, alongside the talented Linda Wastila with our stories, Inevitable Encounters and After the Leap. Troubled minds facing difficult decisions…read more AT THE BIJOU.

The greatest of thanks to Kate for all her lively talents and setting dreams soaring, sailing, and scaling high! You rock.

4 thoughts on “Inevitable Encounters ~~~ AT THE BIJOU ~~~”

  1. Oh Erin … You rocked … the popcorn popped and your vibes just kept gettin' higher than even McGuinn and McGuire … whoops, wrong twins.THANKS … for showcasing there … and all the damn cool stuff you said about me and moxie. ~ Absolutely*Kate … AT THE BIJOU


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