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13 Days of Horror: Jeffrey S. Callico – Throat


My next Halloween guest write is from an exceptionally distinct voice who many find intriguingly absurd, philosophical, crude, and even emotive. He can cut through the ordinary with raw wisdom, spilling grim fear, or delight you with theoretical musings. Published on Full of Crow, The Legendary, and many more, he also has two chapbooks in print: Ceilings and Early Trouble.

It is of great pleasure, and fear, to welcome you my next guest and friend of the pen, Jeffrey S. Callico and his flash piece, Throat.


by Jeffrey S. Callico

He will kill you when you speak so don’t speak unless you want to die in the blood of your own veins. The knife in his hand isn’t a knife, it’s a large death tool with a sharp edge to slice your life into shreds before your dying eyes. Did your tongue say something? The killer has blood in his head — yours.

Jeffrey S. Callico blogs here: What Is But May Not Be

20 thoughts on “13 Days of Horror: Jeffrey S. Callico – Throat”

  1. Gosh this is quite disturbing ,and resonates true fear, & bone chilling horror and is extremely scary in every sense of the word. A genuine horror story.


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