This Fall

Interview with Gem County Police Officer – September 24th: Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in an interview with Deputy William D. Conger – he might not be from LA, but he’s seen his share of crime. If you’d like to submit a question pertaining to law enforcement, crime, or use of weapons for the interview, please email me by Friday, September 18th at erincole@live.com

Full of Crow – October: Full of Crow has accepted my short story, The Bones of Truth, an extended rendition from a Six Sentence piece. My sincere gratitude to Lynn Alexander for all her efforts and amazing commitment to writers everywhere. Catch her at Ink Blink, Full of Crow, and her exceptional site, The Sphere, which is so much more than just a network – it is a thriving nexus of collaborative art.

13 Days of Horror – October 19th-31st: I am going to feature a 13 Days of Halloween special of thrillers, mysteries, and horror stories from 13 of my great fellow writers. If you’d like to run one of your pieces, in which I would be delighted, please submit to me at erincole@live.com. word count 50-2,000.

My novel, Unearthing Jev (F09-W10): Another of many edits on my mystery novel will be completed this fall, with the hopes that it will be ready for submissions this winter. It is roughly 100,00 words (phew!) and is a story about:

Kate Waters, a geologist living in Portland, Oregon who is plagued with narcoleptic hallucinations and troubling visions about her sister, Jev, and a mysterious key later found at the scene of Jev’s fatal car accident. As Kate struggles to deal with her sister’s death, she discovers Jev had her own dilemmas: secret ties in witchcraft, perhaps a desperate attempt to protect herself against someone who is now stalking Kate. Betrayal, murder, paranormal, and adventure echo through the pages and hopefully one day, the book shelves at your nearest literary lounge.

– And as always, I will be posting some of my own pieces in between brewing stew and scaring the children.

5 thoughts on “This Fall”

  1. Wow. You've really got it going on. The novel news is huge, and the story is very intriguing. Good luck with the querying. Congrats on the Full of Crow news as well. I'm looking forward to "The Bones of Truth" and also to 13 Days of Horror. You are a FORCE.


  2. Great things happening here. I'll keep my eyes out for the new Full Of Crow edition. I'm so excited for you about your novel! The completion of the rewrites is a HUGE feat. My floppy hat off to you dear lady. The synopsis is as intriguing and mysterious as it's writer (you!). Best of luck with your agent querying. Looking forward to 13 Days Of Horror – fantastic idea.


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