Story Acceptance: Below the Stairs – Tales from the Cellar

I’m very pleased to say that my short story, “The Bone Vine,” has been accepted into the anthology, Below the Stairs – Tales from the Cellar, edited by Steve Dillon. This is the second themed anthology in the Things from the Well series. Authors in this anthology include Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Mark Allan Gunnells, Paul Kane, H.P. Lovecraft, and many more. Here’s a short blurb of “below the stairsThe Bone Vine”:

Donny scrunched his face tight as if attempting to squeeze through a small space. His hand twitched and twisted. He wrenched down and in one swift motion, jerked his fist from his mouth in a spray of blood. Meg wheezed in a hard breath and swung her head from the window, struggling to sort out in her mind exactly what just happened. When she turned back to the window, Donny held a bloody tooth out to Justin. His hearty grin leaked red spittle from the side of his mouth. Justin backed away from Donny, who spat into a garbage can at the corner of the room and walked over to the thing on the wall.
He pressed his tooth into its structure.
No, Meg thought, kicking at the realization that surfaced in her mind—bones.
The thing was made of bones.

Publication date to be announced soon. Meanwhile, check out the first anthology in the series, Between the Tracks – Tales from the Ghost Train.

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