Review: Girl of Great Price, by Milo James Fowler

Busted through your summer reading list? Why not add one more and make it Girl of Great Price, by Milo James Fowler. It’s a quick, fun, and entertaining read. Another well-written sequel from the case files of Charlie Madison.


Review for Girl of Great Price, by Milo James Fowler
 – Erin Cole

Detective Charlie Madison is at it again, taking another case that could get him killed. Clients Mr. and Mrs. Jarhead seek out Charlie’s help, pleading for him to find their kidnapped daughter, Mao. Charlie fears the worst, that if she’s not working for Ivan’s thugs, she’s swimming with the fishes.

In need of money, Charlie takes on the challenge, but who should he turn to first? Ivan’s got eyes and ears all over the city, and tipping off the wrong person might turn him into a lead-studded corpse. What Charlie didn’t expect was for Ivan to hire him to do the job he had already taken on.

Fortunately, Charlie’s as quick as whip, and an offer like that spells decoy. Charlie knows there’s more to Mao than simply another kidnapped child. There must be something special about Mao if Ivan the Terrible is involved, and Charlie’s the only one who can save her from the evil and greed of many.

In another classic futuristic noir, Fowler spins a fast and entertaining read. There’s plenty of action, wit and mystery to keep the reader turning the pages, wondering what trap Charlie will find himself in next. I enjoyed seeing characters from Immaterial Evidence, Russian mobster, Ivan the Terrible, whose control still stretches throughout the United World, his beautiful secretary, Wanda, and even his old captain, Sergeant Archibald Douglass. I look forward to reading other stories in this delightful series.

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