Cover Reveal – Wicked Tempest

While I’ve had a thumbnail pic of Wicked Tempest in the corner of my blog for a few weeks now, I haven’t officially unveiled the new cover I created for the second book in the Kate Waters Mysteries. Grave Echoes will also get a semi-new look – the cover picture will be the same but with different font and added swirls at the side. Feel free to let me know what you like or don’t.

Wicked Tempest 6  Grave Echoes 11


The release date is February 13 … a Friday … the perfect time to release a book about a deadly curse:

Wicked Tempest, by Erin Cole


A curse awakens…

Kate Waters finds herself in another nightmare when Brooke, a coven friend of priestess Thea Wright, is discovered electrocuted in her home. Thea fears it was the curse of the Goddess Rán embodied in an ancient statue thought to have washed ashore from the 16th century Spanish vessel, El Oro Señora. But after Kate uncovers the statue in Thea’s house, she knows magic and curses have nothing to do with Brooke’s death, and everything else to do with murder and deception.

The marked will face her wrath…

Unusual storms and frequent earthquakes along the Juan de Fuca have Kate diving deep into unknown territories and the closer she gets to the statue, the further truth sinks away from her. The curse manifests exactly as Thea warned, one that inflicts a mysterious symbol into the neck of Rán’s next victim. When Kate bears the mark and another woman dies, she worries she is next, but from who or what? The vengeance of another or the wrath of the Goddess Rán?


I had the fortunate opportunity to work with the same editor, Janice Hussein, Document Driven, which I think helped set the same tone for the book. I also had a fabulous beta reader/proof reader (Jeni) who gave me much valuable feedback and corrections. It took roughly two years to write and is complete at 107K, slightly larger than Grave Echoes at 96K, but aren’t the sequels always bigger? Wonder what will be in store for the third?

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