Write1Sub1 2012 Skinny—

W1S1 November - PowerhouseFirst of all, I’m very pleased to announce that I will be on board as an administrative assistant with the W1S1 crew for 2013.  It’s been a great experience, and I feel fortunate to belong to such a talented and supportive group of writers.  I encourage everyone to join—participate as you can. Details are HERE.

So, there’s just one more month to my weekly W1S1 challenge, and I’m nearing the finish line with minimal bruises and scrapes.  Here’s what I’ve done so far this year:


The gist:
> Word Count: 305K/ 400K (this includes 1st and 2nd drafts, 3rd if the story is 2K+, because I feel detailed editing is a part of writing)
> Pure Story Count: 138K (includes new work written in novel and novella this year)
> Stories Written: 52 / 52
> Acceptances: 19 / 20
> Rejections: 78!
> Total Submissions: 126 / 52
> Books Read: 17 / 25

Click HERE to see a more detailed list of my work.

Though I’m pretty happy with my output for 2012, this year presented personal challenges in my time management, and I missed a few of my marks with my family having to move multiple times while turning our little house into a big beast.  For the last few months, five of us (not counting the dog, two lizards, and the cat who ran away or was eaten by a coyote – we live near Forest Park) have been crammed into a 900 sq. ft condo, with only the bare minimum, which doesn’t include dressers, winter clothes, adequate bed space, my altar to the Gods, and my haven corner of books.  Needless to say, it is not a renters market in Portland, take what you can get and shush up about it.

As for my book reading…while I do spend a ton of time reading short stories on the web, I didn’t hit my mark on books this year either.  I suppose I’m reading what I like.  I think next year, it might be fun to keep track of how many short stories I’ve read…perhaps make a list of them.  If I’m motivated enough.

Super thanks to all my writing comrades who stopped by, offered support/comments this year, and I wish you all the best in 2013!

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