Lavender, More Than A Fragrance @ Every Day Fiction

I have a new piece up at Every Day Fiction.  Those of you who know me probably expect a story like “Lavender, More Than A Fragrance,” to pop up every now and then on my blog. But for those of you who don’t know me as well, have no fear.  Despite the lack of decency, I promise at least a grin.


I give a huge thanks to the Every Day Fiction editors!  Comedy is serious business.


5 thoughts on “Lavender, More Than A Fragrance @ Every Day Fiction”

  1. Science fiction and fantasy funny. I can never get enough of that. Science fiction seems rarer, in my opinion. So swapping the bee for an alien could be a good strategy.


  2. Oh my word. I was really there with the characters. That situations could have turned nasty–*laughs*.

    Have you heard that Alex Shvartsman is going to be editing a new pro paying humorous anthology, Erin?

    It’s not open yet, but it looks like something that you would be a good fit for.


  3. Congratulations on making your Write1Sub1 goal for May. I have found that having this deadline really helps me get at least one story done and sub’ed each month.

    Write, edit, repeat.

    Dave K


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