Free eBooks …

A good friend of mine, Chris Allinotte, hosted one of the most spectacular March Madness events ever. Truly, with writers like Richard Godwin, Jodi MacArthur, Benjamin Sobieck, R.S. Bohn, S.K. Adams, Marissa Giambelluca, Christopher Grant, Laurita Miller …, and believe it or not, little ol’ me too, with my story, “Forever in these Walls.”  The challenge was to submit a <1500 word flash with madness as the theme, and “unsettled” as the tone.

Now, you can download all 9 stories in the Nine Days of Madness free from smashwords, or catch the action on his blog, The Leaky Pencil.

I did say books, and so, here is another freebie, my short horror, “The Shadow People,” from my short story collection, “Of the Night.”

“Everyone has a shadow, but most of them don’t come to life.  Or kill. It will take more than guts for Kori to get her shadow back, specifically an enemy, a geek, one police officer, two red necks with tractors, and a couple sticks of dynamite.”

3 thoughts on “Free eBooks …”

  1. Aha! It’s finally going to let me leave a reply, after using a different email. :( I swear, your blog doesn’t like me.
    I love your “two red necks with tractors”. The image that brings forth…


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