Holiday Catalog 2011

Holiday Book Blog Catalog Is Coming…

What better gift is there than people buying your book? Okay, besides a new laptop, or a new pair of skis, or Aunt Bertha’s lovely, homemade holiday sweater.

Promote your books and support your comrades! Advertise your book for the holidays. Check out last year’s catalog HERE – over 30 talented authors and 2,000 hits.

* * * If you would like to participate, send me:

— a photo of your book (recommended) or books (2 at the most please)
— a short synopsis (apprx. 100 words)
— links (where people can buy it, website, etc.)

TO: erincole(at)live(dot)com  * * *
I’ll be posting the catalog Thursday, December 1st. Books will be listed in order received, and I will continue updating the catalog as I receive them, so be sure to check back periodically.

I always urge readers/authors to purchase at least one or two books, and write up a review. Time and money are valuable, but recognition is priceless.

If you’d like to help spread the word, choose a website badge below and link to :   (Link will direct at midnight, Dec. 1, PST)

#hbbc2011 (twitter tag)

* Feel free to make your own badge if you think mine are hideous, no offense taken *

11 thoughts on “Holiday Book Blog Catalog Is Coming…”

  1. This is awesome, Erin. I'm going to send you an entry for "Eight Days of Madness". (I know it's free – but it's great to get as much exposure as possible ahead of **redacted**)


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