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Music (muse•ik) n. 1 a combination of tones that inspires the muse

I don’t know many writers, if any, that don’t use music to work their craft. With NaNo in the now, it might be more important than ever to keep up pace and work through blocks.

A number of songs have inspired my writing (I listed a few of them below) and so I thought I’d stress the importance to my writing comrades how much music plays a role in their craft.
Artwork by Wendy Hickman

Often when I can’t get a story rolling, have disconnect with a character, or stumble on a plot block, I’ll surf the internet for songs I haven’t heard in awhile or new ones. I usually come across that one song that fits my mood perfectly or moves the story forward, and I’m back on track again. Try it out the next time you hit a writer’s block.

Letti’s Monsters – Sail / Awolnation
Blood Vision – One Step Beyond / Karsh Kale
Tormented – Weak / Skunk Anansie
The Dead River – Boy With a Coin / Iron & Wine
The Wall of Never Doubt – Seven Nation Army / The White Stripes
(FYI- I have a wide range of tastes in music)

Feel free to add your own story / song combos in the comments section below

7 thoughts on “Music (muse•ik) n. 1 a combination of tones that inspires the muse”

  1. Laura, actually it doesn't surprise me that you don't listen to music – your writing is too unconventional for that kind of influence … it must be that fuzzy skull you named (?) that talks to you instead. ;)Jenny … yeah, sometimes I end up jamming a little bit too much too, but it helps refresh the synapses afterwards.Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Good post! I actually can't use any of my favorite music when I write – because I end up jamming out to air guitar instead of writing. But I'm hooked on the ambient space music on Hearts of Space when I write if I have anything on at all.


  3. Chris, the zombie series and Ozzy … makes sense! Not familiar with Lacuna Coil- will have to check them out.Hey Jodi, I know music is a big part of your writing; you've got a great list on your website. As far as NaNo goes, there's no way I could ever write a novel worth anything in a month, and whenever I get the crazy notion to think about trying it, I go slam my fingers in the door. ; )


  4. Oh yeah, I completely with you on this. I'm going to copy and pasted your music here. Also Chris's. I hadn't realized you were participating in nanowrimo this year. Woo. Sending good writing vibes your way! Ps. I noticed the title of the last song & winning short story match up. Must be inspired– cool!


  5. Great post Erin!Hard to pin one tune to one story, but here's some that I recall:"Fear Combined" / The Howling (Within Temptation)"The Cabin Sleeps" / This House is Haunted (Alice Cooper)All my Zombie Antho stories / Ozzy Osbourne & Lacuna CoilTotally going to check out your picks now!


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