Of the Night, Red Skies Press

You could have nightmares…tonight!

Your Halloween read has arrived! Twenty stories, full of zombies, witches, monsters, evil, vampires, crazies, shadows…all that is OF THE NIGHT

Of the Night is a ride through the backwoods of darkness, past the spine-chilling imaginings our consciousness grapples to ignore and into the realms of black magic, the waking dead, and terrors of the unknown.

This isn’t just another supernatural horror collection, it is a poisonous dose of wicked, dark fiction.

(Front Cover)

An extraordinary writer who is not afraid to plunder your deepest nightmares, wrap your fears in lace and leave you spellbound in the dark.” —Lily Childs, author of Magenta Shaman


Available now at CreateSpace, Amazon, and on Kindle

(Back Cover)

Check out my interview with RED SKIES PRESS on writing horror and the HALLOWEEN CONTEST to enter a chance to win a free copy. Depending on turnout, I might even give away more than one. So get penning!

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