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Unveiling the cover to my anthology collection…

I am feeling brave enough to release the cover to my new anthology collection of dark fiction and horror, “Of the Night.” The artist is none other than . . . myself.

I will have around twenty-five short stories and flash fiction that I’ve written in the last three years. There will also be at least three brand new stories and a few that have been out of publication for some time.

In the back of the book, I am also including a note section that details the development of each story and where the idea came from.

Tentatively, the goal for publication is September something. It will be available through Amazon and other retailers, as well as Kindle.

17 thoughts on “Unveiling the cover to my anthology collection…”

  1. Erin, I love, love the cover (and title!)So many original ideas here with the development of the stories, additions of new stories, and the offer of print and ebook. I have found that I enjoy print books so much more for some reason. Really looking forward to the release! xx


  2. btw … I used Dreamstime for my own covers. They're awesome… but vast as well. I feel like I have to look through hundreds of pics for hours just to find "that perfect one…"


  3. Thanks Angel. It is a self-published project, which so far, I’m lined up with Createspace.Matt – I’m planning to have it on both, paper and Kindle!John – I bought the ‘royalty-free’ photo from Dreamstime, and added some weave to the picture using Corel Paintshop Pro – I was having to many driver issues with Photoshop, although it is much easier to work with. A friend will be helping me format my front and back covers to .pdf, which I’ll release as it is completed.Thanks for the feedback and stopping by everyone! I truly hope you’ll all be delighted with the finished product.


  4. Hi, Erin. Good for you! I'm especially curious to see the notes on each piece. Your collection sounds like a DVD with special features!! If you wanted to entice me, that was the way to do it!Much success to you.-Jimmy


  5. Oh, wow….super beautiful!!!!I'm thrilled for you, Erin. Is this a self-published effort?You know I'll be adding this to my library (print or virtual)…right next to Grave Echoes.


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