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My Chat at the Chin Wag

Once you’ve been ‘Chin Wagged’ you are never the same. Richard Godwin puts on the heat, whether it’s in his racy crime/noir and horror fiction, self-promoting his latest novel, Apostle Rising, or interviewing writers in an unparalleled, vogue format.

I’m not sure what all you will learn about me in this interview here, but I can already say, it’s more than I ever wanted anyone to know about me, ever. Catch me in rare form discussing politics, psychology, religion, and of course, zombies.

A sincere thanks, Richard- patient as patience can get.

7 thoughts on “My Chat at the Chin Wag”

  1. Phenomenal interview, Erin. I loved those tough questions he tossed at you. The ease, elegance and mystique with which you answered made it all a dream. This is something all Erin Cole fans must read.


  2. Own my influences – that's cool, Chris. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview and thought the Qs effortless, because as you may know, there was nothing easy about any of those questions!The pen is moving-


  3. Awesome interview Erin. I really get the feeling that you own your influences. The responses were so well thought out, and seemed effortless.Your insights into the craft, and the world at large were fantastic to read.Keep the pen moving!


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