50th Issue, Cemetery Dance, Lily Childs Interview, Wraiths and Stays

I’m a happy writer today-

Why? May 1st, I will have guest writer, Lily Childs, on my blog! Write that down, email it, Twitter it, FB your dog—do whatever you can to catch the latest on her writing, future projects, and inspirations, with a bonus never-been-published-before story, Wraiths and Stays.

If you are not familiar with Lily Childs’s writing, I highly recommend that you do. She writes the most amazing poetic, dark horror, with such originality and sensuous language, you finish her stories in a reflected awe, and then want to trash your current WIP (well, close;). I and many others think it’s only a matter of time before her name goes big.

Another thing I’m excited about:

Check out what came in the mail yesterday – Cemetery Dance’s 50th issue! Yes, I am aware that this post is seven years late. Regardless, I’m still excited to have CD’s 50th Special Issue on my desk, filled with an interview with King and stories from Bradbury, Braunbeck, Campbell, Partridge, Little and more.

Also, the sun is shinning, finally, which is good for my neighbor, because I was about to sacrifice her to the Sun God.

6 thoughts on “I’m a happy writer today-”

  1. Thank you so much for inviting me in, Erin. May 1st is stitched into my brain – looking forward to it.And I can fully understand your excitement over Cemetery Dance. What a treasure!


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