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13 Days of Horror … And NaNo news

I can’t tell you how grateful I am at the turn-out for the 13 Days of Horror, for all the great writers who submitted (choosing proved more difficult than I expected), and for all the wonderful comments. I know many of you made the writers of the 13 Days of Horror feel accomplished and validated! That is awesome stuff and I thank you.

I didn’t really think this one through, but three writers have been selected (by three gremlins who drew name tags from a skeleton bucket) to receive a free copy of my book, Grave Echoes, and should I tell you some of their names, you’ll know who wasn’t chosen in the 13 Days of Horror – not cool! So I will leave it up to them to shout out about the news if they want to.

* * *

Also, today is November 1st and that means NaNo!! I am not participating this year, yet again, for I’ve actually just finished the first draft to my second novel, Wicked Tempest…YES! It only took six months. I highly recommend you visit Eric W. Trant’s blog if you are participating: NaNo: It’s OKAY to fail!

I’m actually not a fan of NaNo because I think it produces “less quality” material. The first draft of any write should have solid plot structure and character development, and I don’t think most people (yes, some of you are amazing) can do that in 50,000 words and one month, unless equipped with a heavy duty outline of the novel already. However, there are good things about NaNo too—which you’ll read in Eric’s post—so I won’t be all humbug about it, and I do wish you the best of luck if you are participating – go kick some A$$ and prove me wrong!

Thank you again horror writers and blog friends for all your support in the 13 Days of Horror!

9 thoughts on “13 Days of Horror … And NaNo news”

  1. Thanks again for doing such a great job on the 13 Days of Horror, Erin! And thanks to your gremlins for choosing my name for your book. I'm looking forward to reading it. As for NaNo, I'm not interested in "competing." I know how I like to write my novels, and I see no point in waiting for a certain time to start writing (as I've noticed on Twitter that many authors do). I have my own happy little rut. Not that I begrudge it–if it helps others get words on the page, then it's a success, 50K words or not. I think too many authors, however, put too much pressure on themselves because it's November, however, and that leads to manuscripts not being all they could be.


  2. Thanks so much for 13 Days of Horror! It was a blast!I did NaNo last year, but haven't gone back to that MS. I already write 2,000 a day and am in the middle of my second novel in the Dream Assassin series. I found that NaNo made me nervous. I'd rather write like I do now and edit as I go.


  3. Thanks again for a wonderful 13 Days Erin. It was awesome to be a part of it.As to NaNo, I'm with Laurita – kind of. I found last year that I ended up with 50,000 words that turned into so much mush – but – I did end up with a daily writing habit.I'm attempting it again, but much like anything in life, it may be a lot more fun seeing as how I'm going to be using it for purposes other than those intended …


  4. You're a lovely person to host 13 Days, and it was truly a pleasure and honor to be included. Now to catch up on my reading…NaNo — my general feeling is that if you already know how to write a novel, i.e., if you've done it at least once before, then NaNo won't help you. Just my two cents.


  5. 13 Days was a success yet again. I so much enjoyed reading all the stories. I agree with you on Nano. I've done it, finished it last year, and ended up with 50,000 useless words. What it did teach me was that you can find the time to sit and write, and that it takes a great amount of discipline. Valueable lessons, but not enough to make me want to do it again.


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