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Buddy’s Back – Daniel Stine

When he is not sipping tea with Goddesses in pure silk or shouting with lions in the streets of China, he is king of his craft, weaving webs of words that have such depth, his name can only be Daniel Stine. It is an honor to welcome my next guest to the 13 Days of Horror – Daniel Stine and his creepy tale, Buddy’s Back.

Buddy’s Back
By Daniel Stine

There’s something about the screams that tell me I’m next. I dredge a memory and immerse myself in it.

Summer vacation, I’d just shot a bird with my BB gun and was trembling as I buried it with murmured prayers. My best friend, coincidently named Buddy, laughed at me and said “it’s just a dumb bird.”

The door crashes open, shattering Buddy’s pronouncement and my immersion. Backlighting cast halos around the twin demons as they reached for me in tandem.

Buddy’s back as I shut out the pain. He’s melting ants with a magnifying lens, chuckling at their distressed squirming. I remember pushing him down and throwing the offensive lens as far as I could. I remember his curse.

There’s a synaptic mirage of flashing lights in my brain as my body is systematically shed of its skin; peeled and severed and peeled and severed.

Buddy said I’d have an out of body experience, see things from his victim’s point of view. I just figured he was covering himself with bravado, trying to compensate for his scars, mangled memories of a craniopagal separation as a child.

Buddy’s back and my last recorded image is of Buddy’s sister Betty as she wrapped bloody strips of flesh, my flesh, around Buddy’s torso, making him just like everyone else.

2010 © Daniel Stine

BIO: Can a writer write himself so blatantly as to actually ascribe himself as he truly is? Will he not be tempted to add a little flavor, spice up the mundane with a flourish here and there? How can one ask such a creature to write a biography?

I AM Daniel and I step lively along 10,000 year old paths once trod by men far greater than I can ever dream and yet it is I who is stepping upon their graves and it is they who lie beneath my feet, fueling my journey with their dusty thoughts and though it is their concepts I espouse, it is I espousing them now.

Daniel indeed I am for I eat as Daniel, I sleep as Daniel, and I love deeply as Daniel loves. There can only be one Daniel as the Daniel I am therefore all other Daniels shall be Daniels as they are and not as I am, indeed.

About me:
Don’t ask…

19 thoughts on “Buddy’s Back – Daniel Stine”

  1. I really like the use of memory that you’ve got here Daniel – the fragmented cutaways from the present moment really heighten and build towards the horrific ending.


  2. What a creepy friend. What a scary story. What a great time to make you re-entry to writing shorts in the USA. I can't stand the visual of… she wrapped bloody strips of flesh, my flesh, around Buddy’s torso, making him just like everyone else.YUK!!


  3. Thanks everyone! I've been out of the loop as my girls and I tour USA, We're in Arizona now! Many thanks to Erin for accepting my submission and for taking the awesome extra step and adding my bio, I am honored to be among so much talent here at Listen to the Voices.


  4. peeled, severed, peeled, severed, and Daniel Stine is the huose. Yikes! Twin demons, daed crows, and hello, boys and girls, Buddy's back. Truly creepy stuff, D. Awesome horror. Ths shuold be a horror flck.


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