Blood Vision, Fantastic Horror, Pill Hill Press, Pleasing Evil

Titles Forthcoming: Pill Hill Press, Fantastic Horror

I’ve been a little busy taming the beasts at home. Fortunately, I’m still king of my domain. And today, I’m feeling like one, with the recent acceptance into Pill Hill Press’s Anthology, Back to the Middle of Nowhere: More Horror in Rural America. I’m thrilled, for my story, “Blood Vision,” was written specifically for the anthology and tells about “mothman” horrors that used to scare me as a child. I will have another publication, “The Dark Sacrament,” with Pill Hill Press’s: Daily Flash Fiction 2011, coming out in December 2010, an older piece about a witch hanging I wrote last fall.

In other news, my horror story, “Pleasing Evil,” will also be published at Fantastic Horror. After many moons of sculpting this piece, my tale about nerdy, diabetic, Adam Walker, and the relentless, spiteful evil following that worships him, is fantastically and horrifically complete. Ahhh…now back to my own evil following.

Many thanks to editors Jessie Marie Roberts and JJBurke, and monstersinmyhead, kitty, and buttercup for your feedback and support.

8 thoughts on “Titles Forthcoming: Pill Hill Press, Fantastic Horror”

  1. Lots of pubs coming up. It is the sign of an ambitious writer to tame the beasts, write novels, query agents, and still have time to write shorts, submit, and have them published in these greats zines and anthos. My hero! Keep up the work, girl. It's will/is paying off.


  2. Way to go Erin! Acceptance is certainly great food for the muse – nothing breed fresh ideas like finding out the old ones worked out pretty well.So many great anthologies open right now. Must … keep … focused.


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