Barbecues, The New Flesh, The Warehouse

The Warehouse @ The New Flesh!

Do you like barbecues? Great, grab your fork and plate and come on over – I have plenty of knives, *wink*. My debut story, The Warehouse, is up now at The New Flesh!. And it’s crazy-ass good. Yeeup.

Many, many thanks to Suzie Bradshaw and William Pauley III. I’m delighted to be at The New Flesh.

Happy July 4th everyone.


6 thoughts on “The Warehouse @ The New Flesh!”

  1. Started reading last night, then saved for AFTER breakfast. Goddess, you are one scary woman. Great stuff. And voice spot-on. Peace…


  2. Finally got a chance to sit and read this in one sitting, after several false starts. Unluckily for me, it was at night when everyone else was in bed.


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