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More Alike Than Not ~ at the NOT

Have you ever seen a category, [Humorous SciFi]? Probably not, but who hasn’t seen every episode of the original Star Trek and how many scripts/novels/comics/dare I say music, wasn’t spawned or infected by Star Trek in some shape, dream, or other freak scaly, furry form?

Consequently, I’m blaming Star Trek for this piece, More Alike Than Not, now over at Michael J. Solender’s blog, Not From Here, Are You? Check it out; expand your muse’s list of, “things you should never endeavor without my consent—or at least a tarot reading.”

More Alike Than Not @ Not From Here, Are You?.

Thank You, Michael!
You are the hub of prose, local rags, cross-literary, one-eyed horned beasts, scales & fur, and all! Nobody has the force of talent, exposure, and ingenuity as you. And I’m NOT kiddin’!

PS: If I’m anybody’s muse, they’re up sh**…, without…, well, I hope they at least have decent insurance—I walk a rutted road.

9 thoughts on “More Alike Than Not ~ at the NOT”

  1. I love quirky fantasy. Just stopped by to compliment the piece. Mr. Solender gets good writers on his blog, but that was one of my favorite NOT pieces in a long time.


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