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Howl: Dark Tales of the Feral and Infernal

Did you hear something?

It’s coming…tales that are dark, feral, and infernal—tales that’ll make you howl for your life.
Mark Crittenden is the guest editor for Lame Goat Press and is hosting a new anthology, Howl: Dark Tales of the Feral and Infernal. He will also be doing the artwork and illustrations on the front cover and inside pages (see photo to the left).

If you have terror clawing to get out of your head, grind those thoughts into a horrific fiction story (1000-4000 wds) and submit your best work to Mark Crittenden’s Howl Anthology. For more information on submission guidelines, please visit here: Submissions

See any similarities in that photo?
Three months ago, Mark asked if I would be interested in modeling for the anthology and though I was a little nervous, I knew it would be one of those opportunities that doesn’t come around very often. After hours of illustrating, Mark transformed my picture into this fantastic howling fiend. I’m thrilled beyond…screams.

The greatest of thanks to you Mark! Your talent and regard are exceptional. You can see more of Mark Crittenden’s artwork, illustrations, and writing talents at his excellent blog: Vision Primordial

16 thoughts on “Howl: Dark Tales of the Feral and Infernal”

  1. Okay…I had to look up Uber, but WOW, thanks so much everyone. You have no idea what my true thoughts of this photo shoot were like;) Let's just say, MkCrittenden did all the work.


  2. Thanks for the heads-up on that anthology, Erin.And that's an amazing piece of art work. As soon as I saw the little picture pop up on my blogger dashboard I thought, "that looks a bit like Erin."


  3. Thanks everyone for the fine compliments. Please raise your glass to Erin for helping me to produce the finest cover of what is sure to be the best anthology of the year! Authors, I am still looking for those hidden gems needed to complete this compendium of savage horror. The sky is the limit on your creative ideas. Attune yourself with the darkest impulses in your mind, and release your inner HOWL. The moon is almost full, so I must be off…


  4. Oh Wow! That's fantastic. I'm often disappointed by the quality of anthology cover art, but this is top notch — he must've been inspired!I've just finished writing the second draft of my howl story. I have it out with another writing friend right now, but I'd love it if you have time to review it for me too.


  5. Holy Hell this is HOT- Sexy- Savage- Beautiful…I don't even know what to say. Your pose is great, the colors are amazing. Ferocious expression compared to the sly fox behind you. Just amazing – CONGRATS! Glad you decided to do it.*slinks back to cave*


  6. That illustration is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! Great job by MC and God, I now love you more than ever. Please say you'll marry me..oops I'm already married, will you just sink those nails into my back?? PLEEEZEEE!


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