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More Contests: Fantastic Horror – The Passenger

Seems everyone is having a contest and Fantastic Horror has a 13 line dialogue challenge called The Passenger:

Craft the most compelling piece of horror fiction. A driver stops to pick up a passenger. They speak a total of thirteen (13) lines forming the entirety of the text. Narration is not allowed, only spoken words in quotation marks.

It’s only 13 lines, good dialogue practice, and the winner receives: a custom engraved trophy, ‘micro-theater’ audio production, and will be announced in the February 2010 Fantastic Horror issue #15.

So, here’s my rendition below:

“Need a lift?”
“Yes, thanks. You can drop me off at the next town…is that where you’re headed?”
“I am now.”
“Oh…do you mind if I turn the heat on?”
“Please, make yourself comfortable, warm up your tissue.”
“Excuse me, did you say tissue?”
“There’s one in the back, if you need to wipe off your hands.”
“My hands…oh my god, is that blood?”
“Sure looks like it.”
“Who the fuck are you? Stop the car. I’ll walk from here.”
“I’m sorry. I can’t stop now.”
“I have a knife.”
“So do I.”

Good Luck – Have Fun

11 thoughts on “More Contests: Fantastic Horror – The Passenger”

  1. The Hitcher is one of my favorite movies and I loved this take on hitch-hiking. What is it about two strangers in a car and one or both of them are killers?! Another great job, Erin!


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