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Barracuda Hearts – The Worst of Love Contest

Yes, I’m a contestant in Flashes in the Dark, The Worst of Love Contest! You can read my story, Barracuda Hearts, now over at FitD.

I want to thank Lori Titus for hosting another great contest, and look for other fabulous contest entries – Angel Zapata, Laura Eno, Jessica Brown, Sean Monaghan, Jim Wisneski, and more.

I hope you enjoy this spicy fiction- and thanks for your support.

6 thoughts on “Barracuda Hearts – The Worst of Love Contest”

  1. Thanks everyone! I don't know about making the winning entry Angel – Death Reversal is is an amazing twist of a tale and was what actually inspired me to get on my butt and write too.Jodi- we share evil and Heart! ;)


  2. Strong, dark writing, Erin. The concept is rich with so many avenues to further pursue. Could do some spin-off tales with more of the wonderfully wicked Suzanne. My prediction: your story is the winning entry.Oh, and the cover of your forthcoming book "Unearthing Jen" looks amazing. I can't wait to buy and read it.


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