amusement park, Flashes in the Dark, misfortune, Wheel of Fate

Flashes in the Dark: Wheel of Fate

Flashes in the Dark has accepted one of my stories, called Wheel of Fate. I conjured this twisted horror in an emergency room, hence the morbid humor and dark symbolism; enjoy.

I’d like to thank Lori Titus for running my story. Most know her as the editor at Flashes in the Dark and for her terrific weekly episode, The Marradith Ryder Series, but she is also the short story fiction editor at Sonar4 Ezine, and has a chilling new blog called The Book of the Others, about all the scary things we tell ourselves isn’t real.

Thank you again Lori.

12 thoughts on “Flashes in the Dark: Wheel of Fate”

  1. Such freaky images in that piece… Had me totally creeped out. The second I read "The amusement park.." I was like, "Uh-oh…" Amusement parks, circuses, carnivals, boardwalks all freak me out to some extent. You tapped into something there with me, Erin. It worked.


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