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13 Days of Horror: Michael J. Solender – Hunter Moon


He’s back…with a moonscape prose. My next guest write has shared one piece with us already and I couldn’t help but sneak him back for one more. With his own mountain of credits and published works, including his distinguished piece, Running with the Iron Rooster, published on A Twist of Noir and another top 40 victor of the 2009 Editor Unleashed Flash Fiction 40 Contest, and oodles of other fantastic works on Full of Crow, The Calliope Nerve, 55 A Day, an excellent chapbook at Six Sentences (Six Months of His Life), Thrillers, Killers, ‘n’ Chillers (Homegrown Tomatoes – one of my favs), Powder Burn Flash…better grab that cold one, there is frightening length of web pubs. Basically, he’s hot at the NOT.

Please welcome my next guest and good friend, Michael J. Solender and his captivating poem, Hunter Moon.

Hunter Moon

by Michael J. Solender

Barn owls wait solo in the nocturne

Glowing beryl steals through midnight fog

Ears that see intention pique

Raptors know the hunted hide

Hollow cries still the moment

A sense, a feeling, an omniscient tell

She knows too well that fate befalls them

Hers instinct born of blood and capture

Night belongs to her and her prey alone

They fall this eve so she may live

Their numbers, the balance, completes the cycle

The void, the darkness, follows the Hunter moon

Michael blogs here: Not From Here, Are You?

12 thoughts on “13 Days of Horror: Michael J. Solender – Hunter Moon”

  1. MJ ~ You piqued me at "ears that see intention pique" . . . and then I howled right into solemnnity of creepy silent watch and wait ~ the autumnal mood of moon, at haunt for hunt.Evoking stuff, your lyrical voice, dans la nuit.~ Absolutely*KateENIGMATIC ELEGANT EERIE ERIN: Another terrific horrific!


  2. Mike,You've captured all that is beautiful, dark, alluring in this piece. Angel picked out my favorite verse. The flow and feel is what impresses me the most. Just excellent.ps. The pic is perfect!


  3. I didn't think poems belonged to Halloween, but you and Angel have proved me wrong. There is awesome magic and darkness in this piece – the descriptions, the flow, and how it depicts one of my favorite goddesses, the Mother Crone.Outstanding work.


  4. Yeah, Michael. You've created a darkly atmospheric work. "They fall this eve so she may live" so much can be gleaned from this line; autumn, sacrifice, allusions to the biblical Eve. Nice!


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