My stories on Quarter Reads

oregon quarterIf you haven’t heard of it (which I didn’t until fellow writer, Milo James Fowler, introduced me to it a few months back), Quarter Reads is a new website featuring fiction short stories, nonfiction, and poetry, all under 2k and for only $0.25  each. Most of that goes to the author too. I’ve recently put up a few of my stories on the site, and I’ll be posting some new and never published before works in the future. If you haven’t checked it out, I recommend doing so. It’s pretty cool for both readers and writers, and how often does that happen?

Of the Earth
A Means for the Journey
For Extraordinary Reasons

Love that Oregon quarter!

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Free Downloads…

The other day, I was playing the game Life with my two daughters, and they were wondering why there wasn’t Writer or Author as one of the careers to choose from. I replied that writers/authors don’t make very much money, usually not enough to support a household anyway. Another reason might be because we’re always giving our books away … and I’m doing it again-

For this Spring Equinox weekend only, download GRAVE ECHOES and WICKED TEMPEST for free! Fortunately, in my game of Life, I make the rules!

Grave Echoes 2-11-15 GhostlyWicked Tempest 2-11-15 Ghostly





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Goodreads Giveaway – Between Feathers and Fins

This week, March 2-6, I’m giving away three, signed copies of “Between Feathers and Fins,” on Goodreads. Enter to win HERE.

10 tales of strange, speculative fiction…

Between Feathers and FinsA witch casts a spell to lure a heart, but the one who appears hopes to steal her soul.
A mother works against time to save her child for when the Others invade.
A villager finds herself lost in a forest, only to surrender to the true path of wisdom.
A young girl learns that the sliver in her palm is no sliver, but something buried beneath her skin.
A ghost in the sea struggles to find her way home in the endless, deep blue.
At 10K, this collection of flash fiction and short stories will lead you into the savage hauntings and restless fears that plague the females in them. From ghosts to mermaids, witches to beasts, ‘Between Feathers and Fins’ is an imaginative collection of dark and strange stories you won’t soon forget.

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New Release – Wicked Tempest

It’s been a long wait, but it’s finally here, the sequel to Grave Echoes, Wicked Tempest, Book Two in the Kate Waters Mysteries! I wish I could promise that the third book won’t take as long, but like writing the second one, I have another novella and many short stories to complete, though I hope to at least start penning the first draft some time this year.

Wicked Tempest 2-11-15 Ghostly

You might have noticed some changes in the cover, post cover reveal. Chalk that one up on lessons learned – next time I complete a cover, I’ll make sure formatting details are approved in the printing process before I post the cover reveal. Needless to say, the last cover of Wicked Tempest came out too dark and the font too bright. While most people will purchase the eBook, there’s something to be said about a beautiful book in your hands, especially when it is your own.

Cheers and thanks to everyone who supported me on this journey. Print and eBook versions are available on Amazon, and will be available with all distributors this summer.

Amazon | UK

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What the Mirrors Keep @ Acidic Fiction

My short story, “What the Mirrors Keep,” is over at Acidic Fiction today. Paul thought he was happy- the perfect house, perfect wife, perfect kids, but everyone knows, nothing is ever perfect. Here’s a short excerpt:

Over the next few weeks, I strived to rekindle my father-son bond with Luke. He never discussed the mirrors with me, and I didn’t want to bring up anything that might jeopardize our rocky relationship.

Still, at night, just before dozing off in those weightless spaces of pre-sleep, I knew something was amiss with Janelle, a feeling that deepened each day. Madeline, too. A mark on their souls, maybe, and for the first time, I began to see things from Ted’s perspective, noticing the dark side of Janelle she concealed from the rest of the world.

Thanks for stopping in!

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Cover Reveal – Wicked Tempest

While I’ve had a thumbnail pic of Wicked Tempest in the corner of my blog for a few weeks now, I haven’t officially unveiled the new cover I created for the second book in the Kate Waters Mysteries. Grave Echoes will also get a semi-new look – the cover picture will be the same but with different font and added swirls at the side. Feel free to let me know what you like or don’t.

Wicked Tempest 6  Grave Echoes 11


The release date is February 13 … a Friday … the perfect time to release a book about a deadly curse:

Wicked Tempest, by Erin Cole


A curse awakens…

Kate Waters finds herself in another nightmare when Brooke, a coven friend of priestess Thea Wright, is discovered electrocuted in her home. Thea fears it was the curse of the Goddess Rán embodied in an ancient statue thought to have washed ashore from the 16th century Spanish vessel, El Oro Señora. But after Kate uncovers the statue in Thea’s house, she knows magic and curses have nothing to do with Brooke’s death, and everything else to do with murder and deception.

The marked will face her wrath…

Unusual storms and frequent earthquakes along the Juan de Fuca have Kate diving deep into unknown territories and the closer she gets to the statue, the further truth sinks away from her. The curse manifests exactly as Thea warned, one that inflicts a mysterious symbol into the neck of Rán’s next victim. When Kate bears the mark and another woman dies, she worries she is next, but from who or what? The vengeance of another or the wrath of the Goddess Rán?


I had the fortunate opportunity to work with the same editor, Janice Hussein, Document Driven, which I think helped set the same tone for the book. I also had a fabulous beta reader/proof reader (Jeni) who gave me much valuable feedback and corrections. It took roughly two years to write and is complete at 107K, slightly larger than Grave Echoes at 96K, but aren’t the sequels always bigger? Wonder what will be in store for the third?

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What’s in store for 2015…

Spider webIt feels like 2014 should still have another month or two, but who am I to argue with Mother Nature? Her timeless clock is what keeps us moving, adapting, changing, and growing, which is a lot like writing I think, and maybe web building too.

2014 was a good year. I didn’t make the word count I’d hoped for, but I almost broke 300K, and I have a new novel to show for it. The working title is The Dead in Two Creeks Forest. It’s a horror novel set in a small town and here’s a quick premise,

After another death in Two Creeks Forest, something has unearthed the dead, and they possess the residents of Newdale, carrying out murderous acts of revenge.  The one who might be able to fix things is a 13-year-old girl, Dani, who struggles with her own possessions, the spirits of Larry and Vera, her two organ donors. But it may already be too late for Newdale–no one is safe from their own past. 

FSM 04 It’s a character-rich story, so it’s been a lot of fun to write. In 2014, I also had a few good publications, including my novella, “Feral Things,” with Damnation Books, and my latest short story, “Skipping Stones,” with Fantasy Scroll Magazine – how cool to share TOC with Miss Cat Rambo.

For 2015, I plan to write more short stories, aiming for 2 short stories a month, and keeping submissions much more active than I did this last year. Editing is already underway with the new novel, and I hope to start plotting for the next Kate Waters Mystery, Book 3. The 2nd book in the series, Wicked Tempest, I’ll be self-publishing in February 2015. I think the sequel will definitely please fans and readers.

Barley Avocado Arugula SaladAt home, one of my side projects is starting a food blog (left photo: northwest barley salad with miso dressing). I love to cook, and this last year, I focused on increasing my raw food intake, so now I’m in the process of creating new and healthier recipes to some of my favorite dishes, without sacrificing taste of course. Best of all, I’m trying to make my recipes so easy to cook, a zombie could make them … or a ten-year-old child. As soon as I get pages, photos, and recipes into a functioning site, I’ll post links.

So that’s what I’ve got. I hope you all had a great year, and best of luck to you, your family, and your writing in 2015!


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